Active Crew Training


Fly Exclusive is a training institute specialized in Business Aviation. We are a Cabin Crew Training Organisation (CCTO), certified by  Civil  Aviation Authorities of Germany, "LBA" and therefore by     EASA! Our institute is located at Berlin, Germany.

We provide approved flight crew and cabin crew training services for Business Jet Operators, Airlines, other kind of operations and individuals worldwide. Our training courses do not stop at the classroom!

True to the motto: "Learning by doing" each of our courses has been designed in such a way that the students are actively involved, thus maximizing the training effect and herby  your company success.


Training is one of the most fundamental factors for  any  successful crew member. In effective training methods students deepen their theoretical skills in practical exercise on  our Business  Jet Mock Up what guarantees  well prepared crew members.

Starting with folding tables, interior configurations up to a complete different galley layout. Our Business Jet Mock Up is fully equipped - from cockpit, to the galley and cabin seats, which can be converted into beds.

We are able to display scenarios such as smoked filled cabin and many more. This way, we train students to react quick, appropriate and effective in an event of  an emergency like fire, decompression or a medical.


Our Cabin Crew Attestation course is for Airliners and Business Aviation crews. It is recognized and approved by the Civil Aviation Authorities of Germany "LBA" and therefore by EASA. "Safety First" is the goal and a well trained cabin crew improves your on-board safety!

Among other things, cabin crews function as eyes, nose and ears of the pilots. They are responsible to identify any hazard before it becomes a threat and to react adequate to the situation to bring it under control.

During our Cabin Crew Attestation course students learn the necessary knowledge and skills required by today's EASA Flight Attendant. During this course all relevant topics required by EASA will be covered.


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