Business Aviation Crews face different challenges as Airline Crews. The number of passengers, the passenger background, the configuration of the aircraft, and the composition of crew differ decisively in contrast to the commercial airlines. 

Fly Exclusive is a training institute specialized in Business Aviation. We provide professional flight crew and cabin crew training services according to EASA Regulations for Business Jet Operators worldwide. We have first-hand experience of active flying in Business Aviation. And with Europe´s  first fully equipped Private Jet Cabin Trainer, Fly Exclusive guarantees most realistic training environment on the market.

"Safety First" and "Learning by Doing!" are top priorities for us. We believe that you are good at what you love to do. That is why Fly Exclusive bulleted 2016 Europes first Business Jet Cabin Trainer and developed trainings which are realistic, fun and proactive. Starting with folding tables, interior configurations. 

Our Business Jet Cabin Trainer is fully equipped - from galley and cabin seats, which can be converted into beds to foldable tables and a conference table. We are also able to display scenarios such as smoked filled cabin and many more. This way, we train students to react quick, appropriate and effective in an event of an emergency like fire, decompression or a medical.

Our instructor are actively flying in Business Aviation and they know the industry. This allows us to deliver best training experiences for pilots and flight attendants workplace above the clouds. We created a novel and fun instructional approach for improving the understanding of the factors that frame and influence the decision making on board of a Business Jet with VIP passen­gers.

Training is one of the most fundamental factors for any successful crew member. True to the motto: "Learning by Doing!" students will deepen their theoretical skills in effective training methods and demonstrate them in practical exercise in an authentic environment on our Business Jet Mock Up, afterwards. These practical training units prepare crew members in a best way to respond accordingly to an emergency on board, what guarantees well trained and prepared crew members.

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