At Fly Exclusive we do believe in the principle: Learning by doing! Therefore the focus of our training is, next to the theory, in practical exercises. With our Airline Cabin Trainer we offer the best opportunity to experience and train all possible scenarios, whether normal or ab­normal, during a "flight" on a commercial plane, so that when they occurs, you will be best prepared to stay calm, to keep tracked and to react accordingly without losing the overview.


Fly Exclusive offers a wide range of Airline training units in order to ensure maximum safety, effective teamwork and out standing service skills on board. It is impor­tant for us to offer courses specifically tailored to the participants and operators needs.


Commercial Airline Training Courses

  • EASA Cabin Crew Attestation (Initial / Refresher)
  • All mandatory EASA Recurrent Training Courses
  • Senior Cabin Crew Member Course
  • Single Cabin Crew Member Course
  • Operator Conversion Course
  • On-Board Service Training and Cultural Differences
  • CRM (Initial / Recurrent / OCC / Assessment Skills / Command)
  • Aviation First Aid (Initial / Recurrent / OCC)
  • Real Fire Fighting and Smoked Filled Cabin
  • ESET / SEP Training and Wet Drill and Survival
  • Dangerous Goods and Aviation Security
  • Psychological Assessments and Pilot Peer Support Programm 



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