Business Jet Mockup

The Fly Exclusive mock-up is important for the professional flight crew training of skills such as service and safety operations. Our mock-up trainings take place in Berlin within private jet interioir and cabin simulators. This allows us to give you best training experiences for your workplace above the clouds.

Training is one of the most fundamental factors for successful VIP flight crews. The effective training method in the interior of a business jet mock-up guarantees a well prepared crew. Service on board a business jet is different to an airliner!Starting with the folding tables and interior configurations to a completely different galley layout. We created a novel instructional approach for improving the understanding of the factors that frame and influence the decision making on board of a business jet with VIP passengers. In comparison to skills of airline crews a flight crew member in a business jet needs to act in a different approach.

Our mock-up also enables us to recreate a series of emergency situations and scenarios, like interior smoke and fire simulations which are helping you to develop realistic rescue reactions. Repeated exercises are used to identify the various components of emergency situations and improve your operation skills. We are providing a training environment that is authetic and optimal for the purposes of training.

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