VIPs Flight Attendant career

A VIP Flight Attendant can also be known as an Executive Cabin Attendant, Corporate Flight Attendant, VIP Flight Attendant, or VIP Cabin Crew but are all the same job and it just means that you are a flight attendant on a private jet.

They play an important role in travels on a business jet working to help passengers feel comfortable and stay safe. During the flight they are caregivers, customer service professionals, and safety providers. They ensure that passengers have a safe, calm and enjoyable passage while they’re constantly wearing a friendly smile and deliver a exceptional service.

On top of that they are food and beverage manager. The passengers’ expectations are immense! Being a corporate flight attendant is a high-performance job. It’s like event planning. VIP flight attendands are responsible for the whole catering process and on-board stock management of each flight. That means: The flight attendant needs to figure out what to order, where to order and what kind of wine or other beverages fits to the menu they present to their passengers during the flight. There are many details that are important like passenger preferences, catering choices, and how and when the pasengers like things done. A safe food handling and a five star food presentation in accordence to food safety regulations, excellent service skills and basic sommelier knowledge are the minimum requirements for todays VIP Flight Attendants.

Fly Exclusive can help reaching this requirements and to find a job. We are not only providing VIP Crew Trainings we also offering active job assistance.

After completing our Initial VIP service and safety training and acquiring certificate you are equiped with the expertise and skills which are required by Corporate Flight Attendants. You will have learned all major flight safety procedures and in addition to learning about safety, you will also have developed excellent and outstanding customer VIP service skills. This combination of knowledge in both safety and customer VIP service will give you the needed skill-set to become a Corporate Flight Attendant.

While our training gives you the advantage to become a VIP flight attendant, being aware of job opportunities is just as important. When you are halfway through your VIP Initial Service training course, you will have access to our online job platform „JobJet“, specially designed for the business aviation industry and its needs and receive email notifications about which companies are hiring at the moment..

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