Vivien Parcinski is the founder of Fly Exclusive. She works as VIP flight attendant with more than 11 years of experience in the aviation industry and business consulting. She works with different employers in the Corporate Aviation fulfilling all company’s and customer needs. She actively flew in more than 98 countries spread over all continents.

Her expertise includes various commercial and civil air craft types like ACJ, BBJ, Gulfstream, Falcon, Citation, Bombardier (Global, Challenger, Lear Jet), Airbus (A319/320/321) and Boeing (737). She was stationed at Germany, Switzerland, China, USA and Russia!

With the passion for aviation in her heart, Vivien is leading a new standard for aviation VIP crew training quality and profession. She is licensed for all activities we are providing a training for. Her extraordinary knowledge of the aviation industry and international experiences is the base of Fly Exclusive. Her skills to interact with people and to lead teams is a very important root of Fly Exclusive services. Vivien is the visionary expert behind this company, providing a new way of service and EASA and special crew training.

Vivien Parcinski is on Xing, LinkedIn, Facebook

Fly Exclusive Founder & CEO