Fly Exclusive Catering

Fly Exclusive Premium Catering

These days on a private jet, you not only can fly wherever you want whenever you want, you can also dine en-route whatever you want.

„Dine Exclusive“- Fly Exclusive´s catering department, can provide anything from fois gras with black truffle to chateaubriand with bordelaise sauce to Beluga caviar. Want Beef Stroganoff from Restaurant Pushkin in Moscow or dry-aged strip steak from Peter Lugers in New York City? Dine Exclusive makes it possible! We are glad to take over your catering orders to ensure that your next meal at 41,000 feet does not disappoint.

For in-flight catering, success is determined by the caterer’s level of expertise and the ability to pair the right dining experience with the objective of the passengers’ trip. Working with an experienced in-flight caterer who understands the needs specific business aviation culinary production will help you achieve the greatest possible experience for your passengers. Fly Exclusive supports you to reach that goal on every flight.

Take the big advantage of our innovative catering-order-system combined with our worldwide network of business aviation caterers and star-restaurants is giving you a possibility to out-scource your catering worldwide. We always provide menu options that your passengers enjoy, while keeping any requests, medical or allergy restrictions, or religious preferences, top of mind.

Where ever you are on the world, Dine Exclusive is our solution when it comes to business aviation catering! Contact our office for more information.


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