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EASA Cabin Crew Attestation Course

  [row] [span12] "Safety First" ist our highest priority at Fly Exclusive! Have you always dreamed of becoming an Airline Flight Attendant? Upon completion of this course you will receive your Flight Attendant license, which entitles you to work for any European Airline. With the flight attendant license you have a great advantage when applying to…
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Emergency and Safety Equipment Training Recurrent

“Safety first”! Is our highest priority on board an aircraft. In an abnormal situation on board it is important for the crew to quickly recognize and classify the dangers, to know exactly what to do to bring the situation under control before it becomes catastrophic. Our courses are proactive, fun and they prepare the students for…
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Online VIP-Flight Attendant Training

Our 4-days Online VIP-Flight Attendant Training transfers our Business Jet Mock Up into your online classroom! We believe in the philosophy "Learning by Doing". Since 2017, Fly Exclusive owns Europe's 1st fully equipped Business Jet Mock-Up to ensure real VIP-Level Service Training, which really prepares you for your dream job on a Private Jet. Now…
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