VIP Service Training

You want to become a professional VIP crew member in the business aviation industry?

Then our Initial VIP Service Training is what you are looking for. It is designed for those seeking to become a VIP cabin crew member. It provides you with the combination of the knowledge of exclusive VIP-service and well-trained service skills. You will start with a general introduction to the industry, which gives you a good overview about your duties and responsibilities of your future position as a VIP crew member. This introduction is followed by familiarization of the normal VIP In-Flight Service procedures by theoretically and practical exercises covering all necessary topics to be well prepared for your new task.

In addition to that you will go through a Food Safety course, which equips you with all you need to identify, handle and avoid a hazard, which could come from food poisoning or shock reactions related to food. All practical sessions take place on our business jet mock up to ensure that you will be trained in a realistic environment.

Initial VIP Service training

VIP Service Training

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