VIP-Flight Attendant

"There is no 2nd chance for a 1st impression!"

We at Fly Exclusive know how important the first impression is. Wheater preparing
the cabin, boarding process, serving food or having a general conversation.
If the flight experience is perceived as pleasant depends on the on-board service.
Our VIP-level service trainings are taking place on our fully equipped Business Jet
Mock Up which empowers the skills to deliver an exceptional on-board service. During
all our service training courses every participant places a real catering orderer which
will be received, handled and served to real passengers in a flight scenario next day.

Business Aviation passengers do have different back grounds and different service
expectations. We train our participants in perfection to fulfill these requirements - those
who seeking to become a VIP cabin crew member and those who wish to finesse their
service flair and professional skill level.

Our VIP Service Trainings
- Initial VIP-Service Training
- Individual VIP-Service Training
- Culinary Food Plating Training
- Cultural Differences Training
- Food Safety and Hygiene Training