Online VIP-Flight Attendant Training

Our 4-days Online VIP-Flight Attendant Training transfers our Business Jet Mock Up into your online classroom!

We believe in the philosophy "Learning by Doing". Since 2017, Fly Exclusive owns Europe's 1st fully equipped Business Jet Mock-Up to ensure real VIP-Level Service Training, which really prepares you for your dream job on a Private Jet. Now we at Fly Exclusive transferring our Business Jet Mock Up into your home office.

The combination of our VIP Flight Attendant Package, send to you traditional via post, and our online training concept makes this course unique. It ensures that delegates will gain the knowledge and skills needed by todays VIP Flight Attendant. With our Business Jet Mock Up we guartantee that participants achieve the greatest possible learning success under authentic conditions.

After finishing the booking process of this training you will receive your "VIP-Flight Attendant Package", which includes everything what is needed to participate actively to your hand-on sessions during your online training. Your instructor has been a Corporate Flight Attendant for more than 12 years, still flies actively and knows the industry.

Our training covers everything that is needed by todays VIP Flight Attendants. It will prepare the participants on their tasks and responsibilities by giving the relevant knowledge and deepen it in practical training exercises. All relevant service topics like the handling and preparing of the catering, the boarding procedures, the in - flight service incl. table setting and wine service and much more will be trained. This course prepares the participant for their new task in every way. After completing this course you will receive a certificate.

Course Content - 4-days Vip-Flight Attendant Online-Training 

Day 1 – Introduction to General Aviation

  • Introduction to Business Aviation Industry and Corporate Aircraft Types
  • Owner/ charter flights, VVIP ́S, HNWI
  • Corporate-, personal- and social media etiquette
  • Presenting a professional image, networking and resources
  • Duties and responsibilities (pre-flight, inflight and post flight duties)
  • Standard operational procedures, customs and aircraft paperwork
  • Covid-19 cleaning and other procedures
  • Effective trip planning and catering basics,
  • Cultural differences and private jet etiquette

Day 2 – Introduction to In-Flight Service

  • Cabin Set Up - cabin dressing and presentation,
  • Galley organization and service set up
  • Professional table setting, Silver Service, practical table setting session
  • Modern napkin folds, boarding tables
  • In-Flight service in connection with on-board safety

Day 3 – Catering and Food Safety

  • Gourmet foods and brands + serving Caviar, Balik Salmon and Fois Gras
  • Wine and champagne (short introduction), serving wine and champagne
  • Wine and food pairing, creative menu writing and budget planning
  • Ordering of catering, receiving and handle catering, introduction to food safety

Day 4 – In-Flight Service and application tips

  • Garnishing and food plating - practical training - In-Flight Service
  • Passengers with special needs and religious related foods and considerations
  • Your application as a VIP Flight Attendant -> CV guidelines
  • Interviews and trial flights

Service Included to this course:

  • 4 days Live-Online Training out of a Business Jet Mock Up from a real VIP Flight Attendant
  • Your VIP Flight Attendant Package send via post to your address named while booking process
  • After finishing this course a certificate and advices how to applicate for a job as VIP Flight Attendant.

In order to ensure that your VIP Flight Attendant Package is sent on time (within Europe), the booking process should be completed two weeks before beginn of training.

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Online VIP-Flight Attendant Training

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