Individual VIP-Flight Attendant Training

Take the chance and time-advantage of Fly Exclusive´s Individual VIP Service Training!

This professional training combines the best of our training modules and will fully prepare you to become a VIP Flight Attendant. Weather you have never been on a Private Jet or if you are already working as a VIP cabin crew member this course will impart a deep knowledge about the VIP customer service. It will provide, refresh and improve your service expertise and on-board service skills. After a consultation, to find out your exact training needs you will get your specialized VIP service training, tailored to your individual grade of VIP service knowledge and skills. You will be trained on our authentic Business Jet Mock Up to guarantee that you are familiar with the work environment and the working flow on-board of a Business Jet.

Our training doesn´t stop in the classroom! You will learn from our highly experienced and qualified trainers as well as participating in hands-on practical individual session. In addition to that you will order a real catering during this course, which you receive, handle and serve next day to real passengers on our fully equipped Business Jet Mock Up. Fly Exclusive will train you in all matters to perfection from VIP customer service to handle, plate and decorate the catering complying to hygiene regulations. This course will prepare you for everything that is expected of today’s VIP flight attendant. Be up to date in every topic with Fly Exclusive.

Course Content - Individual VIP-Level Service Training

Day 1 – Introduction to General Aviation and In-Flight Service

  • Introduction to the business aviation industry
  • Corporate aircraft types
  • Private owner and charter flights
  • VVIP ́S, HNWI and head of State
  • Duties and Responsibilities  (pre-flight, inflight and post flight duties)
  • Corporate and personal etiquette
  • Presenting a professional image
  • Social media etiquette
  •  Networking and resources
  • Standard operational procedures
  • Customs and aircraft paperwork
  • Effective trip planning
  • Interviews and trial flights
  • Cabin set up - cabin dressing and presentation
  • Galley organisation and service set up
  • Professional table setting
  • Practical table setting training
  • Silver service
  • Practical table setting training
  • Wine and champagne (short introduction)
  • Serving wine and champagne (theoretically and practically)
  • Modern napkin folds

Day 2 – Catering and Food Safety

  • Gourmet foods and brands
  • Serving Caviar, Balik Salmon and Fois Gras
  • Wine and food pairing
  • Creative menu writing
  • Ordering of catering theoretically
  • Placing a real catering order
  • Receiving and handle catering theoretically
  • Cabin trends and latest concepts
  • Cultural differences
  • Passengers with special needs
  • VIP etiquette and service protocol
  • Practical training Inflight service
  • Food Safety Introduction and practical training
  • Food Safety certificate

Day 3 – Catering and food presentation

  • Garnishing and food plating – theoretically training
  • Culinary presentation techniques – theoretically training
  • Receive of the real catering ordered the day before
  • Storing of catering
  • Garnishing and food plating –practical training
  • Practical service unit – table setting and serving food

After personal consultation the course content will be tailored exact to participant needs.

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