Culinary Food Plating Training

An out standing service experience also depends on the choice of food and beverages!

Our Culinary Food Plating training course is specially designed for Business Aviation and provides you with a deep knowledge about food and beverage management including the latest trends and the skills for an exceptional service.

After refreshing the basics regarding the food management, a luxury food and beverage introduction will be followed and enlarged in practical hand-on sessions. This course teaches the basics about wine, champagne and the facets of luxury food and beverage pairing. On top of this you will learn about numerous options and variations in tea and coffee services.

Coure Content - Culinary Food Plating Training

Day 1 Module: Food and Beverages 

  • Wine and champagne – theory
  • Storage of wines on board and common wine faults
  • Premium spirits & luxury brands
  • Premium varieties of tea and coffee
  • Practical service exercises
  • Food safety basics
  • Gourmet foods and current eating trends
  • Food and wine pairing
  • Culinary food plating techniques
  • Practical Exercises

Day 2 Modul: create the "Wow-Effect"

  • Food and beverage preparation at altitude
  • Food plating, inspiration & ideas to impress your guests
  • Culinary technique - hands on session
  • Dietary & religious considerations
  • Practical exercises
We are happy to tailor the course content exact to your company needs or help to develop an on-borad service model which create an exceptional culinary food experience on board your airplanes.


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