Cabin Crew Training

„Safety isn't expensive, it's priceless!"

"Safety First!" In an abnormal situation on board it is important for cabin crew members to quickly
recognize and classify the danger, to know exactly what to do to bring the situation under
control before it becomes catastrophic.

All our Cabin Crew Training courses are in accordance to EASA regulations. They are proactive,
fun and they prepare flight attendants for every eventuality. All training courses
are taking place in our Mock Up, what guarantee a realistic training environment
which enables your cabin crew to identify any hazard before it becomes a threat and teaches them
to stay calm and keep track even in stressful situations.

Through our realistic live scenarios in our authentic surrounding, the principle of leaning
by doing is implemented in perfection, which guarantees the training success of the students.
During our active training courses participants reach their limits and gain the appropriate tools
to resist the stress.

List of our Cabin Crew training courses in accordance to EASA Regulations:
- EASA Cabin Crew Attestation
- Senior Cabin Crew Member
- Single Cabin Crew
- Crew Resource Management
- Aviation First Aid
- Real Fire Fighting
- Wet Drill and Survival
- Aviation Security
- Dangerous Goods
- Human Factors