Food Safety Training Course

Be aware of the dangers food can bring along during a flight and become a professional food handler!

Protect your passenger, crew and your operator’s reputation from the threat and the damaging of a food poisoning or a severe reaction to a food allergen on board by avoiding mistakes in handling the food in a wrong way. If you are working in a food handling activity like VIP Flight Attendants, Corporate Pilots working on a private jet without Cabin Crew Member or as personal staff, who works on board a business aircraft, then this course is exactly what you are looking for! Fly Exclusive will train you well to prevent that danger.

Our Food Safety course provides you with the knowledge, training and certification to handle and prepare food safely in accordance to regulation. It will equip you with the theoretical principles of food hygiene and food safety, as well as with the commercial aviation specialized food safety procedures. The acquired knowledge will be deepened in practical exercises on our business jet mock up ensuring a realistic trainings environment.

Food Safety training

Food Safety Training Course

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