Real Fire Fighting Training

One of the most serious threats on-board of an aircraft is an in-flight fire.

Fly Exclusive helps to deal with the threat!
Our Fire Fighting training program is specially developed for Business Aviation. Serve heat, rapidly expanding flames and smoke: fires are extremely critical situations during a flight. Every second counts. People trying to get the fires under control are under stress. As a result, successful fire-fighting requires split-second decisions and thoughtful actions. Which fire extinguisher is the right one and what is the most effective way to apply it? Fly Exclusive answers all your questions and teaches you to take exactly the right action in a fire emergency.

Practical training in a fire-extinguishing simulator follows theoretical training. Under the trainer guidance you extinguish several fires from different fire categories and you learn how to response appropriate to various fire situations. During the theoretical part you gain the knowledge of fire categories and which fire emergency equipment is the right one for certain situations. How to use it effectively as well as how to assess fire situations correctly without putting yourself in danger will be practised on our Business Jet Mock Up.

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Fire Fighting training

Real Fire Fighting Training

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