EASA Cabin Crew Attestation Course


"Safety First" ist our highest priority at Fly Exclusive!

Have you always dreamed of becoming an Airline Flight Attendant? Upon completion of this course you will receive your Flight Attendant license, which entitles you to work for any European Airline. With the flight attendant license you have a great advantage when applying to airlines, since the airlines only have to plan you in the company-specific training course and after finishing you can start flying immediately.

This course provides what is needed by todays EASA certified Flight Attendants. The combination of all the topics required by EASA and the adaption of these with the peculiarities of your type operation makes this course unique.

They goal of this training is to set the understanding, knowledge and skills that Flight Attendants play an important role both as individuals and even more as a team member to assure safe and efficient flights. All necessary skills will be taught. Make the change and upgrade your Safety level with Fly Exclusive.

Training topics
- Basics of Aviation Knowledge
- Initial Crew Resource Management Training
- Initial Safety and Emergency Procedures
- Initial Aviation First Aid Training
- Real Fire Fighting Training
- Wet Drill and Survival
- Dangerous Goods
- Aviation Security

Start DateEnd DateCourseBooking
18.10.202228.10.2022EASA Cabin Crew Attestationbook training
27.02.202309.03.2023EASA Cabin Crew Attestationbook training
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