Dangerous Goods Training

Some items endanger on-board safety. Be aware and become familiar with DGR

Business Aviation crews face particular challenges. Such as, carrying passenger’s luggage and stowing it; organizing catering and bringing it on board; bodyguards traveling with them; these are just a few examples of why Business Aviation crews should be trained in dealing with Dangerous Goods.

Our Dangerous Goods training course complies with the requirements of EASA implementing ICAO and IATA rules. It teaches you on how to use the industry recognized Dangerous Goods Regulation manual. Amongst other things, this course focuses on best practices and change management to help you adapt to the increasingly complex air transport environment.

Course Content - Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR):

  • General Philosophy
  • Limitations
  • Classification
  • Labeling and marking
  • Recognition of undeclared goods
  • Provision of passengers and crew
  • Emergeny proceudre


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Dangerous Goods Training

10.11.2021fulltimeDangerous Goods Trainingbook training
11.01.2022fulltimeDangerous Goods Trainingbook training
08.02.2022fulltimeDangerous Goods Trainingbook training
08.03.2022fulltimeDangerous Goods Trainingbook training
08.04.2022fulltimeDangerous Goods Trainingbook training
08.05.2022fulltimeDangerous Goods Trainingbook training
08.06.2022fulltimeDangerous Goods Trainingbook training
08.07.2022fulltimeDangerous Goods Trainingbook training
08.08.2022fulltimeDangerous Goods Trainingbook training
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