Dangerous Goods Training

Some items endanger the on-board safety. Be aware and become a approved DG handler.

The Initial Dangerous Goods training course complies with the requirements of EASA, implementing ICAO and IATA rules. It teaches you on how to use the industry recognized Dangerous Goods Regulation manual. Amongst other things, this course focuses on best practices and change management to help you adapt to the increasingly complex air transport environment. Realistic scenarios on our business jet mock-up will solidify your acquired Dangerous Goods expertise to ensure the safe transportation of dangerous goods by air.

Our Recurrent Dangerous Goods allows you to make sure that you are always up-to-date on the latest IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations and that you maintain and demonstrate every 24-month your dangerous goods skills set as required by EASA and IATA/ICAO. A safe transportation of dangerous goods requires specialist knowledge among all staff in flight operations. Fly Exclusive ensures that you receive training appropriate to the business aviation industry and that you will be trained even practical in a realistic environment.

Initial Dangerous Goods
Recurrent Dangerous Goods

Dangerous Goods Training

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