Cultural Differences On-Board Training

Be aware about cultural differences! We prepare you for your international clientele!

Increasingly, VIP cabin crew members must deal with multiple ethnic groups with very diverse cultural backgrounds. A key to being successful as Corporate Flight Attendant in Business Aviation is to understand the role of culture in international business.

Cultural differences will have a direct impact on your work performance. Improving your level of knowledge of international cultural difference can aid in building international competencies as well as enabling you to gain a higher service expertise. From menu composition to the safety instructions, cultural differences influence many work areas during a flight. This course provides you with the existential skills set needed by today’s VIP crew members.

Course Content:

Module: Basic Cultural Differences

  • Basic knowledge
  • Cultural differences & considerations when ordering catering
  • Cultural differences & considerations aspects while on-board service
  • In-flight service: code of conduct

Service differences for following clientele:

  • Middle East
  • Russia
  • African
  • Europepage1image399610448 

We are happy to tailor the course content exact to your company needs or help to develop an on-borad service model which create an exceptional culinary food experience on board your airplanes.


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