CRM Command Course

CRM Command Courses preparing experienced pilots for the move to the left-hand seat.

Before becoming the commander of an aircraft, any pilot must go through a Crew Resource Management course, which will help them develop their team management and leadership skills, relevant to their new position.This course covers the Command upgrade CRM elements of Table 1 to equip the participant with the CRM knowledge and skills for the additional responsibilities that come with the move to the left-hand seat. Within a two-day period, delegates will achieve everything they need to know about decision-making, teamwork as well as how to behave with crew and passengers.

CRM - Command upgrade course syllabus

  • Human factors and Human error
  • Personality, Leadership
  • Information acquisition
  • Communication, Culture
  • Threat & Error Management
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Situational Awareness,Decision Making
  • Surprise and startle, Resilience
  • Monitoring & intervention
  • Automation, Workload management
  • Stress, Fatigue, sleep and vigilance
  • Command upgrade summary
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