CRM Assessment Skills

The assessment of pilot CRM skills is an important part of air operator safety management!

Under EU-OPS, the following capability must be in place:

The flight crew must be evaluated on their CRM skills in accordance with a methodology acceptable to the Authority and published in the Operations Manual. The purpose of such an assessment is, amongst other things,to: Provide feedback to the individual and serve to identify retraining; and be used to improve the CRM training system.

CRM evaluators must also be trained in group facilitation skills. This course will provide the training necessary for Line and Simulator instructors and Examiners to satisfy regulatory requirements.

Course Content - CRM Assessment Skills:

  • The assessment of behavior using marker frameworks.
  • Sources of bias in assessment
  • Developing marker frameworks (NOTECHS will be used for practical exercises)
  • Conducting an observation -
  • Observing, Recording, Classification, Evaluation
  • Standardization exercise
  • Facilitation Skills for debriefing and learning
  • Report writing


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