Aviation Security Training

Be aware about possible threats and increase your safety skills and on-board security!


Our Aviation Security Training helps to minimize the risks and keeps the environment safe and secure for aircrafts, vehicles, and personnel. Our course provides examples of good practices you can apply to identify and prevent potential security threats. It also includes the topics of communication on board, latest information on legislation, strategies for addressing today's security challenges and deals with aggression and conflicts. You will gain the necessary knowledge to ensure a safe flight.

Course content - Aviation Security 

  • Legal requirements for aircraft security searches
  • Configuration of the type(s) of aircraft on which the person is to implement aircraft security searches
  • Prohibited articles
  • Response to the detection of prohibited articles
  • How prohibited articles may be concealed
  • Implementing aircraft security searches to a standard sufficient to reasonably ensure the detection of concealed prohibited articles
  • Previous acts of unlawful interference with civil aviation, terrorist acts and current threats
  • Legal framework for aviation security
  • Objectives and organisation of aviation security, including the obligations and responsibilities of persons implementing security controls
  • Configuration of the screening checkpoint and the screening process
  • Access control and relevant screening procedures
  • Airport identification card used at the airport


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