Advanced VIP Service Training

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You are already a flight attendant working on a corporate jet or personal staff working on-board your principles aircraft? Then you are well aware about the fact that staff working on a private jet in this sector requires an exceptional level of professionalism and service skills requiring constant evolvement.

Our Advanced VIP Service training is the perfect course for those who wish to finesse their service flair and professional skills. It is specially designed for the needs of VIP cabin crews and combines the best of VIP service training and hospitality as well as contemporary culinary technique, delivered by our highly-experienced trainers and our Fly Exclusive catering department. This course can be tailored to the bespoke requirements of aircraft operators and flight departments, who are looking to update and enhance their current level of service delivery. Make the change and upgrade your service skills with Fly Exclusive.

Refresh your knowledge of VIP customer service and learn all about the latest innovations and trends in the general aviation industry. It keeps you up to date with all relevant knowledge for corporate cabin crew member or staff working on a private jet. In hands-on practical sessions on our business jet mock up, you will learn how to serve your customers in an exceptional way, all about new food plating techniques, cabin set up trends and must haves on board. To refresh your food and beverage expertise a brief introduction to luxury food and beverages by an international sommelier and food safety basics will be given.

Advanced VIP Service training

Advanced VIP Service Training

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