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Flying is our passion and business – We care about you and your career and we love to help you to reach your goals. Therefor Fly Exclusive is providing Job Jet. An online platform tailored to give you an easy access to the Business Aviation job market.

We actively support our students in their career preparation, bring graduates into the first fixed job or help professionals at their next step on the career ladder. For companies, we offer tailor-made recruiting and employer solutions. Just upload your CV and choose what you're looking for. Job Jet will help you to get the best available position matching your skills.

Create your Job Jet profile and get job requests directly from companies and relevant contacts of the industry. Check out our Business Aviation job search for the latest jobs and find all sorts of job offers. From VIP flight attendant, pilots and aircraft technician jobs in fixed position or freelance contract. Increase your network and give your career a boost, join Job Jet!


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