Flight Crew Training

  • Aviation First Aid Initial

    In-flight medical emergency situations can develop suddenly and without warning Our Initial Aviation First Aid training, taking place on our Business Jet Mock Up and prepares crew members for on-board Continue Reading

  • Aviation First Aid Recurrent

    During a medical on-board emergency every second counts Our Recurrent First Aid training is aimed at flight crews and cabin crew members, who must refresh and demonstrate their knowledge and abilities Continue Reading

  • Aviation Security Training

    Be aware about possible threats and increase your safety skills and on-board security!   Our Aviation Security Training helps to minimize the risks and keeps the environment safe and secure Continue Reading

  • CRM Initial

    For the Things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them! During our 2-days Initial Crew Resource Management (CRM) course, participants become acquainted with Continue Reading

  • CRM Recurrent

    Fly Exclusive helps increasing your on-board safety by achieve an optimal use of CRM. Our Crew Resource Management (CRM) courses are innovative and active. They are individually designed to meet Continue Reading

  • CRM Command Course

    CRM Command Courses preparing experienced pilots for the move to the left-hand seat. Before becoming the commander of an aircraft, any pilot must go through a Crew Resource Management course, Continue Reading

  • CRM Train the Trainer

    Take your chance to become a Trainer The trainer plays a crucial role in learning success. As a good trainer, you not only convince professionally, but also motivate participants, encourage Continue Reading

  • CRM Assessment Skills

    The assessment of pilot CRM skills is an important part of air operator safety management! Under EU-OPS, the following capability must be in place: The flight crew must be evaluated Continue Reading

  • Dangerous Goods Training

    Some items endanger on-board safety. Be aware and become familiar with DGR Business Aviation crews face particular challenges. Such as, carrying passenger’s luggage and stowing it; organizing catering and bringing it Continue Reading

  • Emergency and Safety Equipment Training (ESET) – Initial

    In an emergency, every second counts. Be prepared! Use every second efficiently! Our SEP Training is giving you the knowledge about all necessary safety procedures in normal and emergency situations. Continue Reading

  • Emergency and Safety Equipment Training Recurrent

    “Safety first”! Is our highest priority on board an aircraft. In an abnormal situation on board it is important for the crew to quickly recognize and classify the dangers, to know Continue Reading

  • Human Performance and Limitation

    EASA regulations require that a CRM trainer should have followed a theoretical human performance and limitations (HPL) course.* This course delivers the HPL elements required to meet EASA requirements for Continue Reading

  • Real Fire Fighting

    One of the most serious threats on-board of an aircraft is an in-flight fire. Fly Exclusive helps to deal with the threat! Our Fire Fighting training program is specially developed Continue Reading

  • Teaching and Learning

    Create the basics for your internal training Fly Exclusive knows that the success of your in-house training depends largely on the skills of your instructors. Create the basics for your Continue Reading

  • Wet Drill & Survival Training

    Every crew member has to do an ditching and survival training. Our Wet Drill and Survival training program is specified for crew members, who operate Business Jets with over water Continue Reading