• Food Safety Training Course

    Food Safety Training Course

    Be aware of the dangers food can bring along during a flight and become a professional food handler! Protect your passenger,…

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  • Crew Resource Management

    Crew Resource Management

    Fly Exclusive helps increasing your on-board safety by achieve an optimal use of CRM. During Our Initial CRM Course, participants…

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  • Aviation First Aid Training Courses

    Aviation First Aid Training Courses

    In-flight medical emergency situations can develop suddenly and without warning. The Initial First Aid training, taking place on our business…

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  • Real Fire Fighting Training

    Real Fire Fighting Training

    One of the most serious threats on-board of an aircraft is an in-flight fire. Fly Exclusive helps to deal with…

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  • Wet Drill & Survival Training

    Wet Drill & Survival Training

    Once a life every flight crew member has to do an ditching and survival training. Our Wet Drill, Ditching and…

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  • Aviation Security Training

    Aviation Security Training

    Be aware about possible threats and increase your safety skills and on-board security! The Initial Aviation Security Training helps to…

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  • Dangerous Goods Training

    Dangerous Goods Training

    Some items endanger the on-board safety. Be aware and become a approved DG handler. The Initial Dangerous Goods training course…

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  • Cultural Differences Training

    Cultural Differences Training

    Be aware about cultural differences! We prepare you for your international clientele! Increasingly, VIP cabin crew members must deal with multiple ethnic…

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