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VIP Flight Attendant Career

A VIP Flight Attendant can also be known as an Executive Cabin Attendant, Corporate Flight Attendant, VIP Flight Attendant, or VIP Cabin Crew but are all the same job and it just means that you are a flight attendant on a private jet. They play an important role in travels on a business jet working…
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VIP Service Training

Our professional training make an open training program an important component within the crew module training. We find the best solution for your requirements. Members can select for reasonable development activities. At the end of our workshop, participants have a personally tailored to their training certificate. Theory and practice alternate and the exchange between the…
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Crew Safety Training

Safety is Fly Exclusive´s top priority. Our portfolio includes safety courses dedicated to the business aviation industry. We are committed to promoting safer and more productive work environments across the industry, transferring this knowledge through our certified experts. Fly Exclusive´s training courses do not stop in the classroom. We are giving you the opportunity to gain the required knowledge…
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